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Nature-based Therapy
Practitioner Training

My own nature-based work is currently focused on providing one-to-one, small group and workshop based personal development activities for individuals and organisations. Whilst I do seem to get lots of visitors to this website looking for ecotherapy practitioner training, I do not personally offer practitioner training at the moment.

Ecotherapy Practitioner Training Recommendation:

However I can wholeheartedly recommend Geoffrey McMullan at Pathfinder UK. Geoffrey offers a range of courses, from nature-based therapy practitioner training through to tracking, bushcraft and wilderness survival courses. He is one of the most skilled, experienced, genuine and grounded people I've met in a long long time.

If you’re one of the following, then you should seriously consider attending one of his courses:

  • Counsellor
  • Psychotherapist
  • Social Worker
  • Nature/Adventure Therapist
  • Wilderness Guide
  • Outdoor Practitioner
  • Police Officer
  • Survival/Bushcraft Enthusiast
  • Researcher

For further information on his courses visit:

Please let him know you heard about his courses here.

Pathfinder UK Natural Awareness website for nature-based therapy practitioner training.

Pathfinder UK website for Tracking and Wilderness Survival skills training.

Alternatively contact Geoffrey by telephone on 07823 691 408 or email him at

Nigel Magowan
Integrative Psychotherapist,
NLP Master Practitioner, Coach, Advanced Hypnotherapist and Accredited Supervisor



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